Mental Health support

We understand that the Covid-19 pandemic brings a huge range of challenges when it comes to mental health and general well being. From feelings of loneliness and isolation, to the huge amounts of uncertainty and change – as we physically distance from one another, it’s often difficult to know how best to support those who are struggling.

With this in mind, we’ve collated a list of websites and resources* which may prove to be a useful reference tool during this time – whether it is for your own mental health or to help you in creating mentally healthy environments for your learners.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem in their lives
  • 1 in 10 children experience a mental health problem
  • 450 million people worldwide have a mental health problem
  • At any time, 1 in 6 adults has a mental health condition and 1 in 100 has a severe mental illness

PHE School Zone

This is a free website that hosts teaching materials using the Change4Life brand to teach primary children about healthy eating and exercise. ‘Rise Above for Schools’ focuses on mental health issues for Year 6 and KS3/4 and is accredited by the PHSE Association. You can also access secondary school content which has been co created by young people.

All teaching materials are written by teachers and reviewed by a panel of their peers.

Every Mind Matters

The NHS has recently launched a campaign aimed at helping everyone with their mental health during these difficult times. This includes a website with practical hints and tips plus the ‘How are You?’ quiz which gives more personalised suggestions of support.

Mental Health UK

This website supports anyone affected by mental health problems across the UK and brings together experts from four national mental health charities to improve understanding and provide vital care.

It also signposts to 4 specific mental health charities in different regions so people can access support in their area: