Apprenticeship Information

Waltham Forest Chamber of Commerce Training Trust is a training provider based in Ilford, East London. We offer a varied selection of Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are made up of technical and practical training at work and off the job in college. The apprentice will usually work 4 days a week with an employer and attend one day off the job technical training at college. Some of our courses have block release training for college.

Apprentices are supported by their tutor in college and will also have a dedicated Liaison Officer who will visit the apprentice at work once every 8 weeks to carry out reviews and check progress of their qualification.

An apprentice must have a contract of employment with their employer.

Apprentices are entitled to holiday pay, and paid holiday of 20 days per annum.

A typical working week for an apprentice is Monday to Friday, and on one of these days the apprentice is required to attend college. College is part of the apprentice’s working week and must be paid, in the event of them being late or if they do not attend college the employer is always notified.