About us 

The Training Trust have been providing apprenticeships and vocational training to young people and adults since 1983. We work with employers in North East London and the surrounding areas to provide employment opportunities for the unemployed and up skill their employees.

We provide a supportive learning environment, which enables learners to succeed in their chosen career

  • Learners are given the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in their chosen career. This enables them to lead fulfilling lives
  • Learners achieve their chosen aims within a safe learning environment

We aim to offer high quality training in partnership with employers and other providers of education and training. Our staff are committed to:

  • Every learner achieving their chosen objectives
  • Providing a safe learning environment for every learner
  • Providing support to all learners to enable them in overcoming barriers to learning
  • Working closely with employers to support them in providing a learning environment and upskilling their workforce
  • Supporting individuals in leading lives which enable them to make a positive contribution to their community
  • Improve the employability skills of all learners who participate in our programmes
  • To give unbiased Information, Advice and Guidance in order for the individual to choose the correct career path