About us 

The Training Trust have been providing apprenticeships and vocational training to young people and adults since 1983. We work with employers in North East London and the surrounding areas to provide employment opportunities for the unemployed and up skill their employees.

We provide a supportive learning environment, which enables learners to succeed in their chosen career

  • Learners are given the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in their chosen career. This enables them to lead fulfilling lives
  • Learners achieve their chosen aims within a safe learning environment

We aim to offer high quality training in partnership with employers and other providers of education and training. Our staff are committed to:

  • Every learner achieving their chosen objectives
  • Providing a safe learning environment for every learner
  • Providing support to all learners to enable them in overcoming barriers to learning
  • Working closely with employers to support them in providing a learning environment and upskilling their workforce
  • Supporting individuals in leading lives which enable them to make a positive contribution to their community
  • Improve the employability skills of all learners who participate in our programmes
  • To give unbiased Information, Advice and Guidance in order for the individual to choose the correct career path

What makes us different from the others?

The Training Trust was created to support young people into a career of their choosing through an apprenticeship back in 1983.The rules for apprenticeships were much different then and the entry into an apprenticeship was not as stringent as it is today. However, it was still important that the individuals were keen to learn and had a good attitude to succeed.

Mark Durham, our Chief Executive, came through this system and is an example of what can be achieved by hard work and dedication in order to get ahead in life.

He left school with reasonable CSE’s, probably as an average achiever and his school helped him into employment on a four year apprenticeship in motor vehicle.

Employers value the apprenticeship model as they can shape their new apprentice into how they wish their employees to be. Mark was valued by his employer and built up a trusting hard working relationship with them over his four years of training.

Just after successfully completing his apprenticeship, he was promoted to a different section of the business and shortly after that was asked to run a separate department as a manager, which he did for 15 years. He was involved with the motor trade for over 25 years and wanted to put something back into the system that had served him so well.

Mark has been with the Training Trust since 2004, starting as an NVQ assessor, then into senior management and now leads the organisation. Mark heads a team that is dedicated in supporting all that encounter the trust, especially those who are currently on an apprenticeship with us. He makes sure the company ethos is primarily a supporting and nurturing one and ensures that all are treated on an individual basis and listened to, which is how he experienced his time through the scheme.

“An apprenticeship is a fantastic first step into a rewarding career. If you are keen to listen and learn, your skills will improve in leaps and bounds. Not just the practical skills, but communication and problem solving skills too”.

Mark Durham, Chief Executive

September 2021