Intermediate Level 2

The course covers the understanding and application of the following:

  • The broad purpose of the occupation is to install new natural sustainable and ethically sourced stone or conserve, repair or replace existing natural stone in buildings and/or landscape projects where stonework is a key feature within the garden, including steps, walls, copings, water features, bespoke stone features and paved areas. Stonemasonry is a construction specialism and can be integral to both private and commercial projects and there are a number of specialist occupations within stonemasonry. For this standard, one of the following occupational options will be completed:
    • Banker Masons who mainly work in workshops producing finished stone components to exacting tolerances from raw stone block ready for installation.
    • Interior Stone Fixers who install stone components in kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms, staircases and atria, including flooring and walling.
    • Exterior Stone Fixers who install both solid masonry and hand-set stone cladding to the outside of structures.
    • Memorial Masons who produce, install and repair memorial stonework for private customers and public institutions alike.
    • Stone Façade Preservationists who assess, record and clean stone (and non-stone) building facades using chemical and non-chemical methods.
    • Heritage Stonemasons who conserve, repair and or replace stone in historic buildings many of which are of national and international importance.
    • Stonemasons carry out skilled work using quarried or mined natural stone. The work will be carried out either on construction sites involving new or existing buildings, indoors or outdoors, in a workshop or in an office. They will draw, create, cut, saw, carve, mason, install, or restore/conserve/clean and repair or replace natural stone.

    In their daily work, an employee may potentially interact with a number of other construction trades and may work alongside bricklayers, carpenters, glaziers, electricians, plumbers, roofers etc. as well as with architects and designers

    An employee in this occupation will be responsible for carrying out specialist, skilled work to exacting tolerances following drawings, designs and given specifications against an established programme of work. In general, the Stonemason will work for a small to medium sized organisation, although their work may be part of a bigger overall project team. The employee will usually be subject to supervision although they may be expected to work unsupervised at times. They must also be able to identify problems and use their knowledge and skill to take appropriate action, but also recognise when advice and direction from a more qualified authority must be sought.

Course Content:

  • Level 1 Functional Skills in English and Maths – these can be obtained if needed during the course

Length of Programme:

  • Block release
  • 18-24 months